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          Why Bakerview Square Business Suites is the right place for your business!

Whether you're a dreamer, a creator or a business builder then you have come to the right place. Bakerview Square Business Suites is where you will find private spaces designed and built specifically to offer you a exceptional environment to work in. Are you in need of a professional work space in which to grow or start your business and hone in on your talents? At Bakerview Business Suites we offer an incredible variety of work spaces with something to suit everyone. Bakerview Business Suites provides you with the space you need to create, develop and most of all to unwind. 



Bakerview Square was built in 2006-2009 and has over 108,000 square feet of beautiful retail and commercial space. The square is home to a variety of tenants including Woods Coffee, Hobbytown, IHOP, Cordata Post & Parcel, Fair Trade Furniture and Kucummber Skin Lounge.. Both Bakerview Square and Bakerview Business Suites are locally owned and operated by RPM Property Management. Location is convenient county wide with easy access to both I-5 and the Guide Meridian. Bakerview Road is a prime neighborhood with lots of surrounding activity and growth. 

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